Jinja is Located on the Eastern part of Uganda, about 2 hours, 30 minutes-drive from Kampala City.


Activities – white water rafting, kayaking and fishing



Murchison Falls

Location – North-Eastern region of Uganda, approximately 5 hours from Kampala


Activities – Game drives, boat riding, birding, hiking and balloon ride


What to see – Lions, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, waterbuck, Rothschild giraffe, leopard, buffalo and many bird species.



Kibale National Park


Kibale is located in Western region of Uganda, approximately 5 hours from Kampala. It is characterized by rainforest.


Activities – Chimp tracking, chimpanzee habituation, guided nature walks, bird watching and cultural tour.


What to see – Chimpanzees, monkeys; red colobus, black and white colobus, red-tailed monkey, blue monkey, grey-cheeked mangabay, pottos, I’hoests monkey, bush babies and olive baboons. The fores hosts over 300 bird species making it good for birding.



Queen Elizabeth National Park


Located in western Uganda, Queen is the second largest park in Uganda and characterized by savannah plains, shrubs and small lakes.


It can be accessed by flight from Entebbe and by road which is approximately 6-7 hours from Kampala.


What to see – tree climbing lions, elephants, Uganda kobs, leopards, topi, bushbucks, warthogs, vervet monkeys, black and white monkeys. It hosts over 600 bird species.


Activities – game viewing, lion tracking, boat cruise in Kazinga channel, guided nature walk and bird watching




Ishasha is an extension of Queen Elizabeth National Park and located on the Southern part of the park and it is less crowded. It is common for tree-climbing lions.


It is characterized by savannah woodlands, majorly candelabra trees where lions hang because of its big branches. Other trees found here are cactus, fig tree, acacia and many others.


Other wildlife which can be seen here include leopards, elephants, antelopes and Uganda kobs.



Bwindi Impenetrable Forest


Located in southwest Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to roughly half of the world’s mountain gorilla population. As one of Uganda’s most popular destinations, this Unesco World Heritage Site offers the unique opportunity to track gorillas on a guided trek through the dense forest below. In addition to providing visitors with the chance to interact with amazing mountain gorillas, Bwindi also hosts other primate species, including chimpanzees and several types of monkeys (including colobus monkeys).



Lake Bunyonyi


Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa with a maximum depth of over 900 meters. The name punyonyi means ‘place of many little birds’, and it’s true there are usually at least 20 species of birds around the place and a few hundred grey crowned cranes, red-chested swallows, black and white casqued eared oribis, porcupines and squirrels.



Lake Mburo


Lake Mburo is the smallest national park in Uganda and the closest park to both Kampala and Entebbe (3-4 hours’ drive from Kampala). The park protects a wetland system encompassing five lakes as well as a diverse range of habitats. The most common wildlife attraction are; antelopes, leopards, hyenas, hippos, zebras, elands, and impalas. There are 350 bird species including the white winged warbler, black-rumped buttonquail, papyrus gonolek, Carruther’s Cisticola and the rare shoebill.

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