About Us

Since its inception, Kiboko Kenya Safaris has always been on the fore front to create and deliver exciting tours to Kenya and Tanzania. These tours and safaris are designed for any age, group size, gender, nationality, and we take every person’s interests very seriously while packaging any tour.

Since a tour should be a deserved break from the usual daily routine and a time to sit back and relax, we usually ensure that it is stress free and very enjoyable, and above all worthy of your time and money.

Our tours are not fixed, allowing you to adjust them or completely create your own holiday that you have always desired to have. Besides the usual tours to wildlife areas, we also combine these tours with the beach, or sporting adventures like mountaineering, biking, hiking or trekking.

Generally, we promise to deliver:

  • High-quality guided tours and safaris by our highly knowledgeable tour guides
  • Carefully tailor-made itineraries that suits every person’s needs and interest
  • A wonderful, complete and satisfying safari experience

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